Looking to migrate to the Cloud?

Did you know that Microsoft Azure is the only hybrid cloud that can help turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud that is designed for you?

With Azure, you can be confident that your business can:

  • Access files anywhere online
  • Have secure data backups
  • Engage in borderless collaboration
  • Utilize world-class security practices

Did you purchase Azure through a Microsoft CSP and want to talk about migrating your services provider to BDO? With BDO you can expect a simple and smart transition that offers lots of value, including:

  • One-on-one cloud discovery discussion
  • Cost review and assessment of opportunity
  • Seamless onboarding and billing transition
  • As required, flexible and expert support services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly price per user for Business Central Cloud?

  • $10.20 Team Member (View and Approvals only)
  • $89.60 for an Essentials user
  • $128.00 Premium user Includes Service and Manufacturer

I am currently NAV. Will I get any preferred pricing?

Yes – you will get a 60% Discount.
  • $10.20 Team Member user is $4.08 (View and Approvals only)
  • $89.60 for an essentials user discounted it will be $35.80
  • $128.00 Premium user Includes Service and Manufacturing $51.20

Will I still have upgrades in the Cloud where I experience downtime and extra costs?

  • Once your financials are in the Cloud you will have ongoing periodic updates, applied by Microsoft and delivered in pre-defined, short, maintenance windows. No more large upgrade costs or long downtimes.

Can I get all my historical NAV data moved into Business Central in the Cloud?

  • Yes, as part of an upgrade from NAV to Business Central all of your historical data will be migrated to Business Central.

How long will it take to migrate from NAV to Business Central.

  • Transition time is variable based on your data size and expectations. It is best to contact us for discussion. 

I am currently using some 3rd Party Products (ISV’s). Can I still migrate to Business Central?

  • The answer to this depends on the products you are using but what we are finding is that most customer who migrate from NAV to BC will need fewer 3rd Party products on BC then required on NAV.

What if I am not ready for the Cloud but I would still like to move to Business Central?
  • Great news, Business Central is also available on Premise. You will achieve most of the same benefits as moving to the cloud.

We have Integrations to other systems. Will I still be able to transition and have the integrations?

  • Yes, Business Central includes a robust set of API’s (application program interfaces) which allows the easy set up of integrations. If your integrations are actually imports of straight forward transactions there are great new options to copy and paste these from Excel directly into Business Central.

We have customizations. Will I be able to bring these over to Business Central?

  • Yes, Business Central includes fantastic customization tools called “Extensions” that can be used to recreate your customizations. There is also a possibility that your customizations will no longer be required and may be able to be delivered with the BC out of the box capabilities. There may also be options for you in Microsoft AppSource.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Yes, Microsoft is currently running a promotion to convert your Annual Renewal to monthly paid which includes further discounts on Business Central.

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I purchase Azure through a Microsoft CSP and want to talk about migrating my services provider to BDO
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