Expanding into Canada: Tax, Supply Chain, and Consolidation Strategies in 2021

Get the latest updates on cross-border activities

You've set your sights on expanding your business into Canada and with that growth strategy are the challenges of entering a new country with its own regulations. There are many factors to consider, including staying abreast of the latest updates on cross-border activities.

This webinar offers practical guidance and actionable solutions for non-residents carrying on business in Canada.

What you will learn:

• Tips and traps for non-residents carrying on business in Canada
• Canada's new digital sales tax
• Supply chain management strategies
• Consolidation strategies and navigating Canadian trade agreements

Cross-border experts from BDO Canada and Frontier SCS will draw upon their many years of experience and share their combined insights to help you expand into Canada.

About BDO Canada:
BDO Canada has spent more than 95 years providing assurance, accounting, tax, and advisory services to a broad range of clients across the country. And as a member firm of the international BDO network, BDO leverages access to resources and advisors in more than 160 worldwide. In addition, BDO’s team in over 100 offices across the country are at your service - no matter where you do business.

About Frontier SCS:
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of supply chain solutions between Canada and the United States. Frontier prides itself on providing quality service by being knowledgeable, prompt, and consistently meeting clients' needs. With an energetic and youthful employee base, Frontier values the skills and innovations its workers bring to their roles. Frontier’s philosophy is that by building a strong workforce we build a strong company.
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Michael Morrow
Partner and National Leader - Corporate Finance
Kurt Oelschlagel
Partner, Canadian Tax, Transaction Tax

BDO Corporate Finance
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