Reimagining Financial
Services in a Digital Age

BDO Canada Webinar Series

Today’s financial services customers want a digital, omnichannel experience—and the reassurance of security. For the financial services industry, your willingness to embrace a new digital age could dictate future success.

Our webinar series explores how you can develop, assess, and execute a strategy to enhance your organization’s digital footprint securely, while implementing initiatives that translate engagement into interest and action by your customers.

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Digital Acceleration – Data & AI Guiding Strategy for New Market Opportunities

Date: Thursday, November 26, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Duration: 60 minutes

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a new economic reality, with unprecedented challenges, market uncertainties, and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Financial services organizations must refocus their business strategies in order to stay resilient in this environment.

Join our panel to learn how your organization can develop a data-driven strategy to stay competitive and capitalize on emerging market opportunities. We will discuss:

Financial services industry trends

  • The key issues, challenges, and opportunities impacting the sector

Reimagining your business with a data-driven strategy

  • How to harness the power of your data to identify market opportunities
  • Designing business strategies for maximum impact
  • Predicting the outcomes of new business models in a ‘what-if’ setting

How to move from strategy to execution

  • Practical advice and action items for launching market growth strategies
  • Developing and experimenting with customer engagement models
  • Crafting the customer experience message and developing industry-leading digital banking solutions

[On-Demand] Cloud Agility within Financial Services

Duration: 60 minutes

Cloud deployment is more than a technology modernization project. It’s a strategy that can help your financial services organization drive business innovation and become more agile in today’s market.

During this session, our BDO team will discuss how your organization can:
  • Improve business unit integration through data access and sharing
  • Increase IT flexibility, resiliency, and strategic advantage
  • Enable data insights and analytics
  • Enhance customer experiences

[On-Demand] Gaining New Perspectives on Risk Exposure for Financial Services

Duration: 60 minutes

Credit risk has always been critical for financial services organizations. Now more than ever, lenders need to periodically test and evaluate the effectiveness of their credit risk management framework and processes.

This webinar will discuss strategies for managing credit risk exposure, including:
  • Independent testing of the effectiveness of your credit risk management framework and processes
  • Optimizing the governance and management processes surrounding credit risk
  • Assessing the adequacy of risk appetite thresholds and tolerances contained within risk management policies
  • Leveraging data analytics to make more confident recommendations

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BDO Growth Resource Hub

As we move through recovering businesses from the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're now positioned to start developing a growth strategy that identifies business opportunities and brings them to life. Please visit our BDO Growth Resource Hub for more information and content.

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