Modern Childcare Management Solution

KinderSync: An innovative guardian portal and childcare management solution
The childcare industry is expected to significantly expand as a result of the government initiatives that make childcare programs more accessible and affordable to families. Childcare providers need to consider how they can prepare and evolve to capitalize on the growing market and strengthen their strategies to address the projected volume while optimizing their operations.

We proudly launched KinderSync: an end-to-end modern childcare management solution that offers real-time access to childcare information through the guardian portal, and a centralized, holistic management system for childcare providers.

BDO Lixar’s industry leaders in childcare management will walk you through the innovation and automation offered by this solution, and how it will help streamline administrative tasks through a fully integrated solution to boost efficiency and compliance.

This webinar allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the solution's capabilities including:

  • Review of childcare services, programs, camps, waitlists, and payments, as well as update their child’s account such as personal conditions, allergies, restrictions, and immunizations
  • An integrated billing management process with account management and reporting
  • A review of subsidy claims and processing management
  • Home Care management process
  • Tax receipting process

Our featured speakers include:

Kelly Hagen, Partner, National Not-for-Profit Leader

Brigitte Maheu, Sr. Consultant

Kinder-Sync is built on the Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform. Learn how to leverage automation and information technology in your day-to-day childcare operations by registering today.

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Michael Morrow
Partner and National Leader - Corporate Finance
Kurt Oelschlagel
Partner, Canadian Tax, Transaction Tax

BDO Corporate Finance
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