The Accessible Canada Act
has a deadline,
are you prepared?

National Accessibility Act webinar—prepare to champion accessibility
With the Accessibility Canada Act deadline fast approaching in December 2022 for those under federal jurisdiction, and in June 2023 for many private sector enterprise, it is crucial organizations gain a thorough understanding of how to meet these new obligations and act upon them—or face significant monetary, legal, and reputational risks.

Join BDO Canada’s accessibility solutions experts to gain insight into the impact the Accessible Canada Act has on your organization. Our National Accessibility webinar will empower you to drive change by building a path forward and becoming a champion of accessibility.

This webinar entails key takeaways to help you best prepare for timely compliance by covering topics including:
  • An outline of the Accessible Canada Act, including obligations to prepare, accessibility plans to publish, descriptions of feedback processes, and progress reports.
  • Discussions around risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Providing a path for your organization to succeed.

Our featured speakers include:

Max Brault, Vice President, People & Change

Steph Fox, Vice President, Sustainability

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Michael Morrow
Partner and National Leader - Corporate Finance
Kurt Oelschlagel
Partner, Canadian Tax, Transaction Tax

BDO Corporate Finance
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