Bill C-26 and Cybersecurity

How to comply with confidence

As we continue to expand our digital footprint, Canadian industries and citizens are being exposed to accelerating waves of weaponized technology. Both COVID-19 and rising geopolitical tensions have shown that the public and private sectors need new policies, guidance, and cyber intel to operate safely in the digital space.

To combat this, the House of Commons has introduced Bill C-26, an Act Respecting Cyber Security (ARCS). The objective of Bill C-26 is to improve security in critical sectors, mitigate cyber risk across federally regulated sectors more effectively, and provide the Government of Canada with greater legislative power to respond to threats accordingly.

Join BDO cybersecurity professionals to expand your knowledge as to how Bill C-26 will change affected industries and regulators, establish new requirements, update security safeguards, and the implications of granting the government more power to respond to cyber threats.

Speakers: Dishank Rustogi and Chathurya Pandurangan

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