VC Pitch Day 2023
Opportunity is calling. Will you answer?

BDO Canada’s VC Pitch Day connects Canadian technology and life sciences companies with distinguished investors actively looking to invest for impact. This premiere event is your chance to gain targeted feedback about your business, connect with other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem, and potentially raise the capital needed to grow your company.

We will host these one-of-its-kind events in May 2023.

Polish up your VC pitch deck and join us for a day of innovation, networking, and valuable face time with local VCs who can provide critical feedback for your company’s success.

Meet some of this year’s tech investors
Vancouver | Toronto
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Applications for VC Pitch Day 2023 have closed.

What can you expect at VC Pitch Day?

This is an unparalleled opportunity for serious emerging and scaling technology companies in Canada to connect with the innovation ecosystem and secure one-on-one meetings with investors.

A few things to know before applying

Here’s when each city is hosting VC Pitch Day

Montreal: May 17, 2023
Toronto: May 10, 2023
Vancouver: May 25, 2023

For additional information, visit our FAQs.
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The Companies
We’ve had some exciting companies pitch over the past eight years. Will you be next?
The Investors
We had the privilege of hosting some of North America’s top investors at our events.