Webinar: Pragmatic IFRS 17 Solutions in Action

Achieve strategic business objectives with your IFRS 17 implementation

With the significant level of change impacting systems, processes, and people resulting from IFRS 17, Caribbean Insurers are looking for right sized implementation strategies that will achieve compliance or further optimization. BDO, Optimus SBR, Valani and KR Consulting will show how to achieve strategic business objectives with your IFRS 17 implementation and what you should be looking for in your IFRS 17 implementation.

Given the investments required for IFRS 17 and the impacts to the business, many insurers have their sights set on a range of targets, from base compliance to those that may be considered well beyond standard compliance. The most sophisticated Insurers are automating processes, advancing analytics, and venturing into the World of AI.  Many front runners have engaged in varying strategies to achieve compliance with the new standard while also advancing on strategic business objectives. 

Join BDO, Optimus SBR, Valani, and KR Consulting to learn about cost-effective solutions focusing on:

  • Data Maturity including Data Connectivity, Quality, Granularity, Completeness, Ownership, and Security issues.
  • Leveraging IFRS 17 as a catalyst event to launch a data governance program forward.
  • An IFRS 17 solution accelerator in the form of InsurHub which offers an IFRS 17 compliant data model to cross-functionally bring it all together with the opportunity to leverage such data for business objectives well beyond compliance.
  • Cost-Effective IFRS 17 Accounting Engine based on Moody’s RiskIntegrity platform.
  • Leveraging data maturity advancement to achieve objectives beyond IFRS 17 compliance such as risk intelligence and customer intelligence.

Date: Tuesday September 29, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 60 minutes

Regardless of desired targets, we have worked with the front runners to establish right-sized solutions for their needs, which can also be tailored to meet the needs of smaller Caribbean insurers in a cost-effective way.


Consulting Actuary
Valani Global

Senior Manager
Optimus SBR

National Industry Manager
BDO Canada 

Senior Manager
BDO Consulting

Consulting Actuary
KR Consulting

Partner, IT Solutions
BDO Canada 

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